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Radoniaina Razafindrakoto, manager of Atelier Sellerie RR is a saddler and upholsterer since 1988.


The company Atelier Sellerie RR was created in 2019, specializing in the restoration of vintage and modern vehicles, these domains also extend in the realization and the design of prototypes for the automobile as well as the restoration in the upholstery especially Scandinavian furniture. This workshop offers you the possibility to realize a customized customization that it is in the cars but also on the furniture, and all that with products of quality. The broad skills of this company allow the achievement of collaborations and projects in the medical, marine, motorcycle and aviation sectors with materials such as leather, skai, fabrics and tarpaulins. The company is also able to carry out projects with foreign countries thanks to a business travel experience already made by the manager of the company in the field of upholstery